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A Piece of Advice

Update: Added a helpful link explaining more opcodes. Note: This is an expanded version of this Reddit post. Advice is one of those Emacs Lisp features that you don’t see often in other programming languages. It enables you to extend almost any function you’d like by executing code before/after/instead of it and messing with arguments/return values. But how does it work? And which of the two implementations of it should be used? On advice.el Somewhat surprisingly, advice.el consists of more than 3000 l…

Emacs Ninja

EmacsConf 2020 & My Submission

Supporting Our Community The GNU Emacs community is once again holding EmacsConf! This (mostly annual) online conference has been a centerpoint for GNU Emacs lovers, users, and supporters as we can come together and identify our point of unison. EmacsConf is the moment where we can share what it is about this extensible, and free software powertool of 40-years that makes it so dear to us. Thanks to the work of Amin Bandali et al., we are afforded yet another opportunity to share the successes, and discu…

Brett Gilio's blog

An account of effects observed on self of L-theanine and Caffeine

Some time ago, a friend discussed his readings on Nootropic. He came to believe that perhaps there are ways to safely increase cognitive capacities of us humans without much harm. I got interested and asked him to give me a very simple starting point. The point I was given was 200mg L-theanine + 100mg caffeine tablets. My initial thoughts were “Boy that’s a lot of caffeine! No way!”. But the experimenter in me took over. I am going to talk about dosage frequencies and the effects I observed. Method Tablets…


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